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The life of a horsebox bar owner...

coping under lockdown

13 May 2020

Like many of us, I have pondered the meaning of life at regular intervals during this lock down. For instance, I am wondering how I previously managed without my regular elevenses of chocolate hobnobs (never did that before) and a long cold gin at 5 o'clock (ok, I did that before)!  I am thinking that I'm going to need some serious notice before lock down ends in order to get back into getting up & dressed before 10.30am & realising that going about my daily business means I can't have wine with my lunch anymore...  

On the plus side of lock down I've enjoyed the randomness of the days, the mountain of books I've read, the endless cooking and cleaning practice I've perfected.  Spending quality time with my 18 year old son via his bedroom door obviously and then there's the lovely texting when meals are ready for consumption...  The dog refuses to go on walks now after 3 a day was starting to wear him down, he's taken to hiding under the bed whenever anyone mentions going outside.  

Meanwhile, Mr China Grey has been keeping the home fires burning at the Nightingale field hospital in London for the last few weeks. along with other contractors who have been instrumental in building it at such short notice.  So, thinking about it, being in lock down is actually like being on the shittest holiday you've ever been on, endless sunny days & nowhere to go but we mustn't complain because in fairness all we have to do is stay home.  It's others that are having to risk their lives and we thank them wholeheartedly for that.  

Like most other wedding suppliers, since March 23rd our order books closed for the foreseeable future.  Apart from all of the above confessional, we've spent the time wisely, refreshing the horsebox bar, deep cleaning and reorganising just about everything in sight. We've concentrated on our social media marketing & keeping in close contact with all our current customers as well as potential new ones. We've been very fortunate to have rescheduled all of the weddings and events from this year & not had to disappoint anyone which is fantastic. The next two years bookings are looking very healthy indeed so maybe its not all bad news.  signing off for now, dinner to prep and it won't be long until its gin o'clock...